Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Custom Software Development

Helix Computer Systems specializes in the design and implementation of custom software for client/server and internet/intranet applications. Our applications are currently in use at both Fortune 500 companies and small local businesses.  Each business is different and at HCS we create software to suit your specific business function. Our goal is to tailor your software applications to your needs, not those of some anonymous focus group in Silicon Valley.  Our expertise ranges from small business programs to large corporate, n-tiered client/server applications.  We use client/server technologies including industry standard 4th generation languages, CASE tools and relational database management systems, such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual J++, Visual C++, Java, SQL Server, Internet Information Server, Access, Oracle, Powersoft Power Builder and Sybase SQL Anywhere.





Internet / Intranet Dev

Your phone receptionist and your web site are  your business's 2 front doors.  At Helix we are here to protect your vital first impression with clients -- no matter through which digital doorway they walk . HCS views the Internet and its accompanying technologies as our home field. Companies that want to excel must find ways to use this technology to stay competitive. The majority of our applications use the Internet infrastructure as a medium for operation. Quite simply, we have found that customers achieve better access to information, improved internal communication, and more efficient overall operation by using the Internet for its original intent. Whether your work calls for an e-commerce application, an online marketing campaign or a database-integrated task, the professionals at HCS will make the "Web" work for you.

Development Team

The Helix software development team is comprised of veteran programmers with an eye for detail. They listen to your needs first and work with you in an on-going iterative way in order to make sure we stay focused on your highest priorities and expectations (especially as those may change) throughout the development process.  We provide a full complement of associated help files and support while also taking the extra time to train your staff personally.  Although the entire technology field could be categorized as fast paced, this branch is especially quick to evolve.  Therefore, the software development team at HCS pays special attention to market trends and technology enhancements.  We are always on the lookout for the “next-better-faster” so you don't have to be.



One Custom Application

Turbo Protocol, an application originally designed and written at UVA General Clinical Research Center, is a comprehensive suite of tools helping your clinic to organize and manage all of the Center's protocols from the beginning submission by the Principal Investigator to the day-to-day tasks like patient scheduling to the end stages of a five-year grant renewal. 

The University of Virginia licensed Turbo Protocol to Helix Computer Systems in 1999. This partnership allows Helix Computer Systems to offer Turbo Protocol to other GCRCs around the country.


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