Hosting Services

Managing information technologies is an integral part of any business today and can be either your greatest asset or your most significant liability. 
The cost of keeping employees on the leading edge of technology, maintaining equipment, and seeking out new product innovations is a staggering proposition for the vast majority of businesses. Most importantly these efforts are not your business’s core function. It doesn't make sense to allocate any of your resources to something other than what your business does best. 

At HCS we think that outsourcing for IT Services and Equipment is the single greatest cost saving advantage you can give your company. We specialize in IT and manged services; let us perform our core function so you can perform yours. 

With HCS as your IT department, we can host your dedicated servers, virtual servers and applications on our site. Let's get started! 

Application Hosting

Application Hosting can bring flexibility and lower costs to your IT infrastructure. Find out how to maximize your organization's resources and quickly scale your infrastructure to meet the demands of expanding global online audiences. HCS' Application Hosting offers complete solutions for services like email, e-commerce, antivirus/spyware protection, and remote/on-line backup services. Learn more...

Web Hosting

Our web hosting packages will keep your web site connected to your customers 24x7. From simple brochure sites to advanced e-commerce systems, we provide the features and speed you and your visitors need. Choose between Windows or Linux platforms.  Learn more...

Server Hosting

Put down the hardware and get out of the data center! We offer virtual or dedicated servers on both Windows and Linux platforms.  Let HCS handle all the hardware, network and data center related headaches for you. Server hosting provides your company  with complete control of your hosted OS (giving you administrator privileges at the root level and with any applications you install to run your business). You get the operating system control without the overhead of infrastructure hiccups, problems and failures to fight. And when you do have problems, you can call on us to help. Remember you'll be working with people who know exactly what to do and who are already familiar with your company's IT environment.  Learn more...


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