HCS recommends Internet Access redundancy

Having two internet service carriers as a failover safeguard insures up time against an internet service interruption from any single access route. All services for voice and data access can roll over to the secondary backup. When service is available from both carriers, load balancing can occur between them to optimize the provisioning of email, voice and data exchange over this increasingly mission critical business asset: the internet / intranet / communications pipe.


Just like a blizzard, hurricane, or localized auto accident can result in traffic jams leaving stranded motorists and impassable roadways, data and voice highways (via the internet) can also have the occasional unexpected service failure or even minor blip. When this happens, it is good to have an alternative route to travel —whether you are in your car or on your computer trying to get that time sensitive bid in via email or have the business phone system available connecting you with your clients calling in and your employees calling out.


24 x 7 uptime is increasingly important to more companies than ever before. When the internet is down, telecommuting employees are effectively locked out of the office and business processes like email and voicemail and data file exchange are shut down. Uptime affects your bottom line. Many companies don't notice this implicit business requirement until the lack of service brings it screaming to their attention. Helix Computer Systems understands this and keeps our clients running smoothly, without interruption, by recommending and providing redundant access points to the internet. When you experience a service shut down it is already too late. Planning for and managing redundancy against this possibility is the best insurance we can provide of which you can take advantage.


With redundancy, the Internet is no longer a single point of failure in your enterprise network.

Helix can recommend and co-ordinate multiple carrier links for your corporation providing a cost effective solution to minimize your company’s downtime and maximize its productivity.


Enable WAN link redundancy,
ISP failover and
Internet high-availability
with multiple carrier links.

When you
experience a
service shut down
it is already
too late…

HCS redundancy offers
  • Guarantees traffic will be directed only to “available” WAN links and sites.

  • Supports inbound and outbound WAN link aggregation.

  • Provides link redundancy for secure VPN tunnels.

  • Aggregates multiple internet service links for faster performance and failover.

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