Tuesday, September 29, 2020

FREE Phone Bill Analysis

Let us look at your existing phone bill to show you how we can save you money$$$. On average we save our clients between 15-25% off their existing bills for phone and internet service every month. This can add up to hundreds of dollars very quickly. You've got nothing to loose and real potential savings to gain. Call an account manager at HCS today @ (434) 963-4900 for your FREE phone billing analysis.


Which side of the curve are you on?

The future of IP-PBX looks bright. The technology is robust and scalable. Because of this it allows businesses to modify their existing telephone systems to accommodate new users easily, without the need to hire a special technician...  IP-PBX revenue is forecast to jump to $11.6 billion by 2009. These figures spell out a trend that is not likely to change, one that shows VoIP taking over the telephony market in years to come."


* from IP-PBX vs. TDM



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