Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Interactive Voice Response Trees

Advanced support for unlimited quantity and depth of Interactive Voice Response Trees (IVR's), multilingual and configurable through the easy to use Web interface. This means HCS or your own staff can program the IP PBX via a WEB browser interface to answer the phone and qualify and route inbound calls using a menu you designate.


Press '1' for sales...or Press '1' for Spanish...etc.


Phone Blasting

Outbound telephone automation software can send a generic quick reminder message to a predefined list of recipients, automatically in a matter of minutes. Some applications allow for the uploading of both voice and text files for your message, using Text 2 Voice conversion software technology. Some support the capability of merging data records into each message specific to that recipient not unlike a mail merge document works. A busy doctor's office can automate the reminder calls for their patient roster a day in advance, for example. Tardy and unexcused absence notifications to parents can be automated for a school division. The outstanding balance on that customer's account can be integrated into a call blast. New promotions, sales ticklers and special targeted incentives can be quickly publicized to your client base this way as well.


Automated Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)  allows customers to be put into an "on hold" queue until someone in your company can take their call. It holds the callers' places in line, each being answered in the order it was received.  And nobody in the company has to manually connect the busy line - as soon as there's an available phone line, the caller is automatically distributed there.  A robust ACD queue is critical for any office of more than 3 people.  Things to consider when you configure: First, the system has to know which extensions can take which kind of call - so that if someone presses ‘1' for sales, they actually get to the sales department.  The ACD queue should also have music or a recorded message the caller can listen to while waiting.  And if there are too many callers for the regular sales team to handle, the owner of the system should be able to decide whether additional calls go to voicemail, keep waiting until someone is available, or start getting routed to other employees.  Who gets calls in which order when there's not a backlog of people waiting is also a standard option, so that the system will either balance the workload evenly or prioritize who gets calls based on the business process requirements. HCS will help you configure and optimize these features to take real advantage of this technology.

Is your phone system WEB-AWARE?

WEB Enabled Switchboard features include:
Barge In / Whisper / Record Calls

Often used as a training tool for new customer service or sales agents, an intelligent VoIP switchbox features the ability to interactively eaves drop on a live call (based on that user's permissions of course).  You can listen in, whisper in the consultant's ear without interrupting the call, deliberately interrupt a call or record a call to voice or email files for review at a later time.

 (See illustration below.)
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