Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Automated Attendant

 A well-programmed automated attendant gives your business the power to manage a high volume of calls without a high volume of personnel dedicated to answering phones.


Follow me call forwarding

If a user can’t get to his or her phone, your intelligent telephony system can and should forward calls to which ever destination makes the most sense: their mobile phone number, their co-worker, their supervisor, their voice mailbox or any other destination based upon company business needs. Too often, companies fail to consider other call-forwarding options beyond voice mail and thus lose company efficiency, employee and customer satisfaction and potentially even business. Consolidation brings together your cell phones, analog phones, VoIP phones, email, voicemail, IM, chat, video calling and more. This technology links all of your office devices together and messages you on the appropriate device based upon your availability.

If your company isn’t currently incorporating consolidation technology into the PBX system, it is losing significant time and money by having “out of office” equal “out of touch ” when it comes to your employees.

Automated Call Distribution

“Streamlining the internal call process can shave seconds off each call, and with thousands of calls made per employee per year, those seconds translate into very significant productivity gains.”

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Do more with a phone (or lack there of) than ever before...

Clients who integrate softphone technology into their business process derive major benefits with minimal investments.  Below is a screen shot from one such applet solution that runs on a PC:

Communicate more, spend less

Unlimited calls for a very low price is one benefit dependent on the plan that you take on.  This could mean that a flat fee is charged for a certain period of time, with no limits as to how many calls can be made. For other plans, it could be that the charges are made per call – for a very low fee still. In any case, the bottom line is that more calls can be made – long distance especially – for much cheaper.

Charging is done per second, again, depending on the specific plan. Not charging by the minute makes for a lot of savings as you only pay for what you actually use.

Personnel Locator

 Telepresence tracks all interactions with the system—including email and IM – and makes deductions about an employee’s location. It also gives employees tools to indicate their status, including do-not-disturb notices at several levels (for instance: “I am available for my supervisor and my family only right now.”)




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