Expert Managed Services--What sets us apart from our competition

In these uncertain times, the need to cut the cost of doing business becomes critical to staying in business. With an HCS managed service plan, Helix can help you improve operational efficiencies and drive revenue growth while simultaneously cutting OpEx. Let us show you how to exploit the convergence of technologies to optimize your existing infrastructure, enhance productivity and improve customer service.

Why we choose Helix...


Helix has always exceeded our expectations. 
They have a professional and knowledgeable
                     staff that works diligently and works the extra mile to get the job done. " 
          ~Matt Wilkerson


We have found them to be the best in town" 

~ Joe Milbank, President Barrons-Hunter, Inc






Helix Managed Services Mission Statement

We've grown from problem solvers to IT partners. Fifteen years ago, our business focus was on helping customers solve their mission critical data and access issues. We were the fire fighters. We were the heroes who saved the day. Today, our intention is to be proactively monitoring and managing our clients' infrastructure and data processes to prevent the fires before they start. Obviate the heroics.  Managed Services is a much less glamorous job but everybody benefits and prefers it that way. Of course, we'll still come get your cat out of a tree when you need us to but our mission is to keep you humming along doing your uninterrupted business processes rather than watching us work while your systems are down.







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