Helix Customers are realizing these Cloud Computing Benefits
  • Save Money
  • Save Time (waiting, working on software updates, hardware issues etc.)
  • Increase Productivity
  • Gain Peace of Mind

Confused by all the hype about Clousd Services? check out this Great educational article on CLOUD SERVICES presented thru Tech Data. Cartoons and everything help make a complex technology easy to digest. Or call a Helix Cloud Service representative to help you qualify your company's requirements @ 434 963 4900.

Save Money

Cloud Services Reduce Cost

Do you find it tough to budget for major technology upgrades while still needing to stay current with technology in order to compete effectively?
Cloud Services, depending on how you implement them, can lower your cost of ownership for many of your IT assets. Reduce cost per computer and per server, per software maintenance, configuration and patches and update management because you pay monthly for only what you actually use and can add new resources or reduce them on the fly. Virtualizing your servers and desktops using Cloud Services allows you to “rent” the space and processing power you currently need or can afford and to budget for this incremental monthly expense rather than making a large capital investment in new hardware/ software /and personnel infrastructure for your company.

Save Time

Cloud Services offers Flexibility | Manageability | Scalability | Elasticity

Many businesses struggle to manage end user computers and the network infrastructure. Now your business can easily morph with the market space you work within. Ramp up quickly as your business takes off, or scale back with a seasonal down turn. You decide when you need to add new storage or new desktops for new employees or additional compute cycles. If a new sales campaign starts hammering your website, increasing performance and capacity is literally a phone call and a few minutes of tech time away.

Speed and agility | Device and location independence | Remote access

Now you can stay connected anywhere any time and work how you want where you want if you have Internet access.  Potentially, end users can bring their own device working how they want (iPhone, Mac, PC, mobile, Tablet, smart phone) to access the Cloud Services you implement.
And all the complexity of these services and hardware platforms can be offloaded to the skilled professionals @ Helix while sharing the costs of upkeep and management across our large customer base. We have the economy of scale and you no longer have an IT management headache.



Increase Productivity

Increased business focus | Easy implementation | Skilled HCS support

Fewer IT headaches mean more time for you to focus on your company’s core competencies and grow your business and customers. You can also rely on Helix to help you strategically use technology to help refine your business processes and tools to maintain or begin to garner that competitive advantage.

Greater seamless collaboration—inside and outside the organization

Interconnect your customers yourself and your vendors in seamless yet protected ways. Allow your employees to telecommute as needed. Interconnect your remote offices and consultants or other collaborators. Keep them all on the same page by allowing appropriate access to your Cloud data assets. This is all very doable right now. Give HCS a call to learn more.

Disaster Recovery

Data Protection

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are increasingly vital to the sustainability of most businesses today. When disaster strikes, fundamentals like backing up your data off site and redundant hardware protect against system failure. Virus and malware detection, sophisticated enterprise class firewalls, enhanced security all improve your system reliability and maintain system uptime even if your offices get flooded or your employees get snowed in. You can continue to work and do business because your business data assets reside in the cloud.


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