Internet Access... Let HCS be your ISP


Access Options Defined


HCS provides both Bussiness and Residential customers DSL service which is 10- to 30 times faster than dialup, is always on and will not tie up your phone line.


T1 / T3

A T1 is the ideal Internet connection for your small to medium business. If you rely on your network - email, web, business voice, etc. - you need the 100% uptime guarantee we offer on all T1 connections.


Metro Ethernet

Metropolitan ethernet (also called ethernet over fiber, gigabit-ethernet, or metropolitan optical ethernet) provides blazing speeds, low latency, and massive scalability - all in an easy-to-manage ethernet format. Metro ethernet is the ideal Internet connection for medium to large businesses with high bandwidth needs.

Wholesale Internet

If for instance you represent a building with multiple tenants and want to provide Internet Access as part of an amenities package,  HCS can provide wholesale Internet bandwidth. This is called IP Transit and is sold at a rate of “per megabit per second per month”. It requires a monthly bandwidth commitment. Because of the volumn commitment we can offer a volumn discount. Call a Helix Consultant for qualification and pricing information: 434.963.4900.

Wireless Internet

HCS' wireless alternative supplies as much as 10mbps. It is both secure and flexible. Users can tailor their service to suit their own specific needs, which can mean real cost-saving. Unlike most other Internet connection services, our wireless solutions will not slow down during peak usage times.

- Dedicated Service

Our wireless solution is an ‘always-on’ service, meaning that your Internet connection will be there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Always on, always reliable and always fast.

- Limitless Potential

Wireless offers an infinite amount of configurations to suit your specific needs. We offer virtual private network solutions that can link networks tens of miles apart into one seamless, secure and fast workgroup. We offer wireless network components that can allow you to maintain a high-speed connection through your laptop, PDA, or anything with a network card, regardless of your specific location inside your network.

- Burstable Bandwidth

Stop paying for bandwidth you don’t use. We have service plans that supply burstable bandwidth, which means that you only pay for what you use. While you have access to a 10mbps connection, if you are not using it you won’t have to pay for it, but it is there if you need it.


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