Tuesday, September 29, 2020

HCS Network Support Team Works 3 Support Service Models


IT Support Triage

We are proven fire fighters that can be called upon ad hoc as required to help you recover when disaster strikes.

IT Support Wellness Maintenance

As a managed services partner, we proactively monitor your network and those critical components like firewalls, routers, servers, essential workstations, etc. Through our automated 24 x 7 alerts, we generally know what’s failing on your site before you do. For a monthly service fee, we can effectively become your IT department.

HCS MAM / PMP Programs key features: 

  • Monitor and maintain the existing network infrastructure

  • Daily reviews of intrusion logs and network dashboard

  • Help desk support for local and remote users

  • Maintain and test the integrity of backups of critical data

  • Guaranteed response to onsite trouble request

  • Weekly onsite visits

  • Coordinate and affect periodic updates and upgrades

  • Maintain network documentation and policies

  • Make available any additional support at a discounted rate and a priority status

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 IT Support Reinforcement

Many small to medium sized businesses with inhouse IT support staff still find themselves needing to assist or support their people by outsourcing certain tasks to the HCS experts.  This allows your organization to control the IT areas of your infrastructure that you want to, while out-tasking those areas you don't or can't manage yourselves. Our team can increase your team's functional capability by taking over routine or onerous tasks or those beyond their own expertise, allowing your staff to focus on what they do best rather than becoming overwhelmed and ineffective. We can even act as your end user's helpdesk, freeing up your inside staff to tackle the big picture issues.

Three ways to help…

We are as responsive as you desire us to be using both proactive and reactive models. As our relationship with you develops, we hope to grow into a trusted partner where we watch over your business continuously, becoming part of your business family, managing the wellness of your infrastructure, owning the problems that arise, abating risk, optimizing performance and generally nurturing the health of your mission critical network and data assets.


On average, we are able to save our customers between 10-20% over their current IT personnel costs while maintaining a comparable or enhanced level of service.”

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