Need 24 x 7 Uptime? Remote Network Monitoring never sleeps

Continuous system uptime has become a prerequisite for most every organization... maximize system availability
when up time is your bottom line

The ideal solution for organizations  which demand the utmost in network reliance and quality of service, backed by a Service Level Agreement, HCS's MAM (Monitoring, Alerting, and Maintenance) and PMP (Pro Management Platform) Programs address your uptime requirements by:

  • Guaranteeing network availability

  • Providing predictable IT spending costs

  • Providing the highest priority response for network issues

  • Optimizing network performance. 



Monitored Network Peace of Mind

Our network is critical to our success. As a small business, we are constantly competing against large companies and leverage our speed and efficiency as key competitive advantages. We needed a partner to ensure our network was performing optimally. Helix's Pro Management Platform Program keeps us at the leading edge of our industry.”



Network Monitoring Services Provided

HCS Monitoring, Alerting & Maintenance (MAM) provides:

  • Availability monitoring
  • Performance and Predictive failure monitoring
  • Baseline period to evaluate infrastructure capability
  • Proactive remote maintenance

HCS  Pro Management Platform (PMP) adds these features to the MAM services:

  • Live Help Desk Support
  • Unlimited on-site and remote support


Monitored Server Guarantee


Guaranteed uptime — it’s that simple! For a fixed monthly cost HCS will work with you to understand your business availability needs and budget concerns. We will run a baseline assessment of your existing infrastructure to understand any potential weaknesses. Then we will custom tailor a service level agreement that defines your expectations and needs. Then we’ll deliver on it. It’s that simple.





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